Oda Nilseng Danielsen

Oda Nilseng Danielsen

Oda Nilseng Danielsen
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Hour after hour, it's hard to maintain good posture on the job. But sitting tall can mean a healthy boost from head to toe. Get to know the benefits of good posture on the job — in infographic form.

Ultimate Guide to Good Posture at Work [Infographic]. Yoga's Simple Body Tools remind you that good posture is not just for posing. The benefits speak for themselves, plus you immediately look & feel better with good posture.

Mac Book

Mac Book Air- I really want a laptop to sync with my ipad and phone. Is going apple the answer? Or hp?

Rosendahl longdrink glass 4-pk

Rosendahl Rosendahl Grand Cru Longdrink Glasses - Set of 4