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DIY cage idea: large box turned vertically (for limited space) and add different levels/platforms. Use some sort of varnish/sealant to protect wood from urine (make sure whatever is used is not going to be harmful to the rats!

How To Make Your Own Fleece Covered Tubes | LUCKY'S WONDER OF CHINCHILLAS

To make your own fleece covered tube you will need: Fleece Two bolts with wing nuts and four washers A tube (cardboard or PVC pipe) I recommend a tube of at least 6 inches in diameter.

Yep, ask me how many hammocks I have bought for my rats to hang in for a while before they chewed it to pieces? Many.

Went through a few expensive hammocks that got chewed to bits. Now we use old sheets with zip ties and binder clips!

VIDEO TUTORIAL - Rodent Pouch/Sleeping Bag

VIDEO TUTORIAL - Rodent Pouch/Sleeping Bag