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Dreamer, still working on the "achiever"part
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An awkward introvert's guide to making small talk || One of the biggest worries about starting college is making friends. And making friends starts with small talk. I don't know about you, but that is not something that comes super easily to me, as a (slightly awkward) introvert, bahahha. Luckily, I've been taking notes ;)

First of all, disclaimer, I am no small talk queen. In fact making small talk is one if my least favorite things to do in the entire world.

would be amazing with some friends I have met all over the world!

it's family goes on camping trip with the families of my parents high school friends who they've managed to stay close with all this time. i wanna go camping with all my edgewood friends.

perfect bucket list, found on #polyvore. bucket list before i die #bucketlist #pictures. gone to them. havn't had one

but i really want to have one on a beach! we have them all the time in the summer though because we have a fire pit in the back yard

Bucket List: Adopt a Child. children in the US are available for adoption, and adoption from foster care is essentially free, (and most states have post-adoption financial incentives)

bucket list

Must have hope, belief & faith that a cancer cure will be found! Too many have been diagnosed with cancer! RIP MOM, WHO PASSED AWAY ON Liver Cancer). My dad died of cancer back in Nov., Other family and loved one's have passed too.