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it's hard to wake up from a nightmare if you aren't even asleep.

When you lose your husband, you keep wishing you would wake up and it would all be a bad dream. - I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.

I know he will find someone new to love because he is a good guy.  I'm the one at fault and when he does find a new love...

Jealousy quotes are useful for one who want to reform himself. Most of the time Jealousy destroy relations. I hope you will like all these jealousy quotes.

Normal People don't go around destroying other human beings!!! So when I man crushes u and u can't understand why, remember he's the messed up one not u!

If someone treats you like shit, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people don`t go around destroying other human being. -Abraham Hicks How to deal with difficult people th.