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Dragon Age 2 || Hawke, Fenris, Anders - modern AU art by Viktopia @ tumblr. LOVE THIS STUFF.

Aaaaaaaaa I finally have proper internet for a moment orz HAPPY 2016 FROM ME and these trash hipsters.

Nymphadora Tonks | Tumblr

Nymphadora Tonks | Tumblr

Proud to be a Hufflepuff

I'm not a Hufflepuff, but go Helga and her House. :)< Thank you<<<<dang straight? You mean damn straight! Helga was bomb af though she's like "you can do magic?

Hufflepuff pride

I wasn't sorted into hufflepuff on pottermore, but I thoroughly agree with this argument. <<i was almost sorted into hufflepuff but i answered some questions wrong and got into ravenclaw instead.

Amazing sōma cosplay

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