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Dragon Age 2 || Hawke, Fenris, Anders - modern AU art by Viktopia @ tumblr. LOVE THIS STUFF.

Aaaaaaaaa I finally have proper internet for a moment orz HAPPY 2016 FROM ME and these trash hipsters.

Nymphadora Tonks | Tumblr

Nymphadora Tonks | Tumblr

Proud to be a Hufflepuff

I'm not a Hufflepuff, but go Helga and her House. :)< Thank you<<<<dang straight? You mean damn straight! Helga was bomb af though she's like "you can do magic?

A Huffleplus Headcanon. Not an official fact for Hufflepuff, but an idea. Written by Huffleplus on Tumblr

Does this mean that when Cedrick died, that all of the other Hufflepuffs felt him die inside of themselves?

Amazing sōma cosplay

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