V and J-Hope = fluffballs of sunshine. And Suga is ready to kill someone. Lol

he's about to kill someone kekeke

He's in between Hobi and the alien of course he would want to kill someone V-hope are probz annoying him to death

Puddle Of Tears (@SlainByBighit) | Twitter <- This is amazing fanart of YoonMin (Suga and Jimin)

Do we have no chance? Of happiness? Must we always be condemned to the realms of dark and light, death and life? Is there a way for us to make things right?

Father reporting to Mother XD

Create Your Next Video in 60 Seconds or Less..

Good news BTS is having a Comeback Bad news not soon enough

Vkook... What clothes do you wear when you sleep?

What clothes do you wear when you sleep? The Maknae line :P

I cry everytime I see this...

We know your grandmother is so proud of you and loves you even though she's not here physically. When times are hard turn to your ever loving fans, or friends or family and we.