hey guys am Marcus have a twin follow him and my sis and i live in norway in a place with The namn trofors and follow me u can talk to us to and am 14 but follow us on instagram and snapchat and musical.ly The namn musical.ly:marcusandmartinus snapchat:marcusandmartinus instagram:marcusandmartinus and go on Youtube we are stars like our videos and listen to our songs to bye have a good day and we love our MMers ❤ me:🍍🍍 tinus:🍌🍌love u all(call me mac)  ·  Marry christmas everybody⛄🎅
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Twin Brothers, Twins, Album, Gemini, Twin, Card Book

Mac, Poppy

Mac, Poppy

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Mac, Poppy

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Mac, Pictures, Life, Album, Photos, Poppy, Clip Art, Card Book

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Hey the peace sign is good

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Mac, Twin Brothers, Poppy