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LYKKE BY JULIE!! Teaching About Our Oils

Teaching you how to use oils on your skin, why you don't need to be afraid to use them on your skin & helping you understand their benefits!
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Antioxidant Facial Serum - Unmask your most beautiful self every day with this luxurious formula, which combines nature’s most prized beautifiers in a rich elixir your skin will joyfully drink in. Our Antioxidant Face Serum is designed to penetrate and nourish your skin at the deepest levels and bring forth the gorgeous, healthy glow just waiting beneath the surface.


APRICOT KERNAL - Apricot kernel contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A and C. It has a light texture and is well absorbed in the skin and gives the skin a nice glow. PEACH KERNEL - Peach kernel contains vitamins A and E and B vitamins. WHEAT GERM - Wheat germ has a high content of vitamin E which contributes to faster healing of scar tissue.


Did you know that lavender is both wound healing and balances the skin? The essential oil can also be used undiluted and directly on the skin.

Visste du at lavendel er både sårlegende og balanserende for huden? Den eteriske oljen kan du også bruke ublandet og direkte på huden.

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Oslo in Oslo

And here you can see one of our fabulous customers using the amazing Lykke by Julie Rejuvenating Facial Serum

One of our wonderful clients using our Lykke by Julie Rejuvenating Facial Serum!!

Benzoin er en harpiks som kommer fra Styrax-Benzoin treet. I østlige og sørøstlige Asia har Styrax Benzoin treets sevje ( harpiks ) vært brukt siden antikken i røkelse, parfyme og som medisin. Vi bruker den i våre blandinger fordi den er antiseptisk, heler sår, sprukken hud og sprø negler. Og den har en herlig aroma!