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Seriously? Why couldn't I have this?! Awesome!

You mean no period, no shaving, and I get purple eyes? What the crap, I want that! **FYI: you would still be fertile (aka able to get pregnant) but no period.I want this sooooo BAD.

Real reasons for Lego blocks.

LEGO sets in the came with a special set of instructions – for parents to stop gender stereotyping. “It’s imagination that counts,” declares the toy manufacturer’s note.

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Beautiful Black women in particular. It doesn't fit the loud mouth, angry Black women, so-called gold digging, video hoe narrative ferociously painted recklessly by the mainstream media and we all know why ~ SMH

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So damnnnn true (sooooo me)

4 reasons women take so long in the shower: We have lots of body parts to shave Conditioner takes time to soak in Have to let hot water warm up our ice cold souls karaoke

My sister and I were just talking about that as we watched dan and Phil Games last night.