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7 Rock Candy Recipes that are so easy to make! Check out these fun and easy to make #recipes.
Geode Cake INGREDIENTS White cake (or cake of your choice) Fondant Buttercream frosting White rum or vodka Black food coloring Piping gel Rock candy (ranging from white to dark teal/blue, or colors of your preference) PREPARATION 1. Cover cake in smooth layers of fondant. 2. Cut the geode shape out of the side of the cake. 3. Spread buttercream frosting all along the inside of the cut 4. Mix alcohol with food coloring until it reaches the desired shade of gray. Paint a thin dark line…
Know a budding scientist with a sweet tooth? It’s easy for you and your kids to grow a rainbow of homemade rock candy crystals — all you need is a little kitchen chemistry.
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Mirror Glazed Cake Perfection | Daily Recipes
Mirror Glaze Cake
Mirror Glaze Cake
My Fave L'il 3D Ghost Cake Ever - by Cuteology on CakesDecor -
Harry Potter marcó a una generación. Y obvio, no podía quedar afuera de la pastelería. Mundo Pastel te acerca sugerencias para homenajear a los lectores.