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~Hey Gorgeous~

~Hey Gorgeous~

When Macbeth murders Duncan, he gets blood on his hands - both literally and figuratively. The blood represents the guilt that he will feel throughout the rest of the play.


we all have our reasons for destroying ourselves, or at least to escape those moments of complete and utter misery.

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Metis, Sekameht, Athena, Bast, Nora, Nyx, Nott, Sif, Miriam, Eris, Seren, Anna, Michael/Michelle, Mars Bars, Jenny, Abbie, Nike, McGee, Amelia, Melusina, Bath Kol, Isla, Aria, Thistle, Wren, Farryn, Ebn, Nya, Rogue, Kila, Zara, Annora, Elise, Elara, Evelyn/Evan, Eremiel, Jörmugandr, Miró, Cosima

Val usually didn't get physical, but when she did, you better expect to have your front teeth knocked out and your nose broken. She didn't mess around, especially when protecting her own dignity and the well being of her friends.