Lea Berthling

Lea Berthling

Lea Berthling
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What if at the end it said years later, I'm sitting in the front row at their wedding." <<<That would be freaking creepy if they were many years apart.


My friend that's a girl I have a crush on her so we were walking and she stated holding my hand i blushed so hard and then some dood in a car yelled YOU'RE GOING TO HELL YOU LESBIAN we ran to her house i was crying for 2 hours


I have found the island where fandoms will rule<<< YES LET'S GO RIGHT NOW<<<AND AWAY WE GOOOOO! <<<<< Also, Niue is struggling with a population decrease so if all of you people do move to the island it will help out there economy greatly!

Sherlockian for Life and To Death. I was born a Sherlockian, from Mouse Detective when I was little, to the books. House MD was my first taste, then Sherlock Holmes movies.

The Kyungsoo Effect is just too strong for Jongin.

Jongin trying to calm his Kyungsoo feels. In which kai represents the exo fandom.

minghao || the8 || seventeen

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i want to do this with a paint program, i wld try doing this on paper but its not so easy to get the rite color pencils.so its easier on aprogram, of course i dont have the proper skills YET to do perfect skecthes on a computer but i can practice

Oh Jungkook...

from that bangtan bomb we learned that jungkook is weirder than we thought, taehyung should never hold a camera, and big hit is the most fun company. I totally agree with this