Boyun Choi

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Republic of Korea, Seoul  ·  Stage Lighting Designer
Boyun Choi
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Artwork by Chris Goff

Then, there was the industrial Grind. The industry park was the dark side of Agartha, if everywhere wasn't already. No one lived there, they just worked via central commuter trains. No one would ever want to live there, or work if there were another optio

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2ヶ月間限定の幻の絶景。人生で一度は見たい京都「瑠璃光院」の秋の絶景とは 5枚目の画像

2ヶ月間限定の幻の絶景。人生で一度は見たい京都「瑠璃光院」の秋の絶景とは 5枚目の画像

Johannes Schütz

Born in 1950 in Frankfurt am Main , in the Johannes Schütz studied with and was assistant to Wilfried Minks in Hamburg and Berlin.