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Marzia Bisognin alias CutiePieMarzia

Marzia Bisognin, also known as CutiePie and CutiePieMarzia, is a 22 year-old Italian vlogger.

iJustine, i really like her hair here

iJustine, don't watch her much, but I probably haven't seen any of her REALLY good videos, considering I've only watched one.

Sawyer Hartman.

No big deal I just chatted over omegle with Sawyer Hartman the other night.

Connor Franta

Connor Franta: In case you didn't see his video go watch Connors last video. Love you con da bon

Finn Harries

Finn Harries - who knew you would look so darn adorable in burgundy stripes. like who pulls off burgundy stripes this well?

Jack Harries perfection

hi its Myers Moses im going to marry him:) ps hi erin!:) pps u need to clean under your bed its filthy down here!

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Okley & Troye Sivan We all ship this so hard You can BUY Troyler Merchandise by clicking their cute faces ^^