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Art focusing on Fantasy to help inspire me in Dungeon Mastering, as well as a Player for Dungeons and Dragons

Michael Cody
an explorers pack for every reasonable adventurer


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Bluemist72 on Twitter

“Painted the queen #azula in her older years, and designed an edgier look for her! Really enjoyed adding the tattoo sleeve 💕 ~ #fanart #AvatarTheLastAirbender #conceptart”

A.Shipwright on Twitter

“"Hahahahahah! How dare you mortal stand agaiAAaaaargh my heart!"”

Max Dunbar on Twitter

“Tortle Barbarian I'm naming Buukaz Bonecrush (named after my first EQ character). Thanks for voting! #dnd”

1000 Jutsu on Twitter

“The 4 Heroes of Light & Bravely Default orcs are dressed like fancy western Europeans instead of Tolkien's take on Mongolians. Think it draws inspiration from Gustav Dore's fairy tale ogre illustrations.”

Ross · The Outer Eye 🎨 COMMISSIONS OPEN on Twitter

“BEHOLD! Tarkir: Deathknight, Scorned Pirate Captain, Unstoppable Juggernaut ...and probably my best #illustration to date! 🤩 #OC of my brother, @Ethereal_324 #dnd #ttrpg #under1kgang #SmallArtistClub #digitalart #IAMSomebodyArtistClub”

Richard Whitters on Twitter


Duamn 🇦🇷 on Twitter

“@OrdoaleaP Don't mind if I do! I'm an Argentinian illustrator & game designer. Right now I'm finishing Deep Nightly Fathoms, my 1st crowdfunded RPG project, & illustrating for the Short Games Digest, Gongfarmer's Almanac and Mordite Press! You can check my art at https://t.co/ecgFeY6qc4”

Esp on Twitter

“I threw my kids into a vaguely bloodborne inspired vampire hunter au but Malchior and Jac are vampire hunters and Casar/Kassir's the vampire they originally were supposed to hunt but ended up befriending”

Matt Smith on Twitter

“once again, I have to go the post office later today, and once again I've got a print for the first response--and it's to this question: what is the metal warrior listening to on her walkman? US only, please.”

Bagboss on Twitter

“A simple troll, mirthful and meek. A simple toll if dry feet you seek.”

Soft-Ass D&D

(Part of a series now I guess; Char Gen for Soft D&D Shinto in Cumbria A World without Violence Monster Brainstorm / Goose-Gold & Goblins / Looking for a Mechanic I'm old now and I'm getting soft. Recently I've been making consistently brilliant strategic decisions in Ryuutama with Noisms. I really liked the idea of Ryuutama and the promise the game seemed to make with its art and with the idea of play it presented, much as, on picking up Mouse Guard, I really liked the idea of what that…