Ravelry: 08 Chamonix Pullover pattern by Tine Solheim. 35 jaar geleden precies zo'n dezelfde trui gebreid.

Ravelry: 08 Chamonix Pullover pattern by Tine Solheim - Can get pattern in Made by Me on Zinio

Ravelry: Unnur Icelandic Pullover pattern by Lucinda Guy

Knitted in light and insulating Alafoss Lopi, this pullover is uniquely suited to wearing outdoors—it is naturally 100 percent guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy!

Island-Norweger Pullover von Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir1 feines für die Insel!!!

Icelandic hooded sweater- want so bad. these sweaters are hand made and custom designed.

A lopapeysa, or icelandic wool sweater. Bold pattern on the top and bottom. Loose, but the shoulders fit and the sleeves are not too baggy.

karl erik brøndbo

Fur hat and Nordic sweater, not necessarily from the but in that style. Super cute and cosy Nordic jumper

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