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Norway  ·  Hello minna! An awkward, lame and weird 15 year old otaku vampire... Heh...
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Please stop twerking. just get down Alfred: I AM "GETTING DOWN" **dances even more viciously** ^And then the poor president has to deal with this guy for years.

Is Canada "IN" America? 😏

Haha , but Canada in America. America is a continent, not a fucking country.<<<Thank you(well I see why we call it America because USA is as you all may know stands for United States of America so they just take the last part)

Official art of nyo!sealand

This is my female counterpart, or "sister" as some call her (Like Eng). Her name is Petra, but she hates to be called that and prefers Penelope. That's a personification of an Italian battle ship o-oº

precious baby cinnamon rolls hetalia - Google Search

Hetaoni and Dreamtalia really got to him<---Shhhh, no.<<You broke the first 2 rules of the fandom!<<<< It's already too late the forbidden rule has been shattered