Jake ❤️💜

Jake ❤️💜

Norway / Hello minna! An awkward, lame and weird 15 year old otaku vampire... Heh...
Jake ❤️💜
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The president would be wondering what he got himself into. (Its a babysitting job)>>>the president's only job is to babysit Alfred 😂😂

"Scotland's national animal is a unicorn though, does that mean they're the secretly gay one?" This makes my life.<<<<<< dudes need to watch hetalia


Oh God, someone show that person the first episode of Hetalia! XD I actually saw this in comic form and it was glorious.<<<< i lost it at dont get upsetti 😂

Is Canada "IN" America? 😏

Haha , but Canada in America. America is a continent, not a fucking country.<<<Thank you(well I see why we call it America because USA is as you all may know stands for United States of America so they just take the last part)


Is that Estonia Mochi there? I can't tell, either that or America Mochi.