Diggle was the best part of the Crossover. He is my favorite character of either show.

The Flash: John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Barry Allen (Flash-Arrow Crossover)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Barry Allen and Iris West: the sweetest, dorkiest, awesomest not-yet-a-couple couple you will ever meet. Yes, they just defeated a Big Bad Bully. Yes, they are immediately moaning about the pain. |CW||The Flash||TV Shows|Barry and Iris||1.6||Season1|

Secret identity-bro and sis-family-love-broken hand-the flash-iris-iris risked her life to save the flash-what else could you ask for!

The Flash - Barry and Caitlin #1.5 #Season1 #Snowbarry ♥

Team Felicity Smoak on

The Flash - Barry and Caitlin I think that Caitlin and Barry have so much more chemistry than Barry and Iris on the show. But I still ship Barry and Iris

#Snowbarry kiss! What in the...Barry, you little womanizer! Oh this should be good :)

EEE does anyone know what episode this was from? I really REALLY hope it's not the fake Barry kiss because it doesn't look like it XD

The flash vs the arrow

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Barry: "You guys remember Felicity?" Cisco: "I'll always remember this" LMFAO!