Love in Disney movies :)

People say Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about love. In some ways that it true, but Disney also teaches us so many other things about love. So true; and I will love disney forever!

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Disney Couples' Introductions Over the Years

Disney couples' introductions over the years My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast the year I was born in!

i don't know what to think of this

If Disney villains had won…

If Disney Villains Had Won.I think Ursula upsets me the most.or Gaston. <<< Gaston since that was my favourite Disney film as a kid

Disney princess race bender...

9 Disney Princesses Now Of Different Races Something else.<--- my favorite racebent of these are Megara and Snow White. Snow White looks more bad ass like that!

These Disney Princesses Are Cooler Than You

These Disney Princesses Are Cooler Than You


Disnumblr Trois

Another reason to love Patrick,Dempsey Move over, Flynn Ryder. There was, in fact, a Disney hero before you who questioned why everyone was singing.

Some Disney movies facts…

Some Disney movies facts…

Funny pictures about Some Disney movies facts. Oh, and cool pics about Some Disney movies facts. Also, Some Disney movies facts.


Disney (and Dreamworks) characters in modern fashion. Elsa (Frozen), Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians), Hiccup (how to train your dragon), Merida (brave), Anna (frozen) and Rapunzel (tangled)

I just died.

Girls, please…

Teenager's shouldn't try to use Disney as an excuse because (obviously) it backfires and than your stuck with the truth of you being a whore and or douche :)