Great Escape  Sammy Sjabbinck > nog veel meer interessante collages

Photomontage/COLLAGE - I thought this was an interesting way to represent the connection between humans and nature. I liked the impression given by this abstract style.

mixed media

Do this with photography, double exposure 'freddie' by NYC mixed media artist Veronica Leto. ACEO x in. This very interesting image took lots of research to locate! via evey in orbit on Etsy

Tristram Mason’s Layering, Texturing and Repeating

Tristram Mason is a Finnish/British illustrator currently based in London, specialised in digital and hand made collages. He mixes different techniques and subjects ranging from abstract themes and patterns to figurative compositions with a vintage flair.

nick stath explores space, scale, composition, and atmosphere in drawing series

A concrete slab discects the landscape Our favorite works have the perfect blend of odd and whimsical. Stew is a showcase of young witty artists who are thoughtful, analytical, and have a lot to say about how we live today

Michael Webb. Architectural Design 36 November 1966: 576

Cushicle and Suitaloon - conceptual design projects often drawn together - Michael Webb, Archigram - Michael Webb - Architectural Design 36 - November 1966

Superstudio, Italian Radical Architects

Image 2 of 13 from gallery of City As A Vision: Tribute to Michel Ragon. Superstudio Monumento Continuo, New New York, 1969 © Archive Superstudio, Florence.

Sigrou Avenue, Point Supreme

Illustration of a dreamy Syngrou Avenue in Athens, capitalizing on its programmatic identity


Giacomo Carmagnola - Exclusive artwork made with the new Pixel Sort effect for the Android app “Glitch!