In worlds that Chaos conquers the Phase energy becomes corrupted. This corrupted energy will often become these things, commonly called Chaos creatures or Corrupts. When these creatures are 'killed' their energy cycles through the Phase again and becomes uncorrupted. In order to reclaim a world from Chaos all of the creatures must be destroyed.

This looks like it could be Herne or a Wendigop - Onki Dayan beautifulbizarre 002

Creative Illustrations by Beatriz Martin Vidal

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Cool paintings

" We will keep the madness fresh the red madness that keeps us sane." - Erica Jong, from Morning Madness. " Vamos manter a loucura fresca a loucura vermelha que nos mantém sãos.

Lollipop skull ;)

Bow Legs - Id want just a simple black or red satin bow - Looking for a Permanent Remedy for Bow Legs - Without the Need for Surgery?