Embellished jacket

Gorgeous Embroidered jacket Fashion Trend :- I love embroidered outfits. It's a great art, it will give a gorgeous look. An embroidered or embellished jacket has all the accessories you need for an outfit already stitched on it.

ship wreck. CRAZY photo.

A pair of divers explore the wreck of the Giannis D (originally Shoyo Maru) on the Abu Nuhas reef, Strait of Gubal, Red Sea, Egypt. By British photographer Alex Mustard. He's travelled the world snapping pictures of wrecked ships lying on the sea bed.

❖Blanc❖ White sea anemone

Leather coral (Alcyoniidae), a soft coral - close-up of an alcyonacean in Palau, showing the individual polyps.

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Amazing Avant-garde style by Indira Schauwecker, Toni & Guy, Covent Garden, London: 2012 Avant Garde winner for the British Hairdressing Awards an Grand Trophy winner for AIPP.

She found the treasure..

Fashion & Photography - Vogue Best Covers - Last year we wrote about Best Vogue Cover books, where we present you the most amazing covers done to Vogue Magazine