Sea creature

UNDER THE ,SEA, CREATURE Nudibranch. Soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusks which shed their shell after their larval stage.

Beautiful Nudibranchs: Colorful Sea Slugs. HubPages.

Beautiful Nudibranchs: Colorful Sea Slugs

Beautiful Nudibranchs: these amazing things feed on poisonous jellyfish- cray huh?

White Spotted Jellyfish

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Soft Coral - Maldives

Discover fascinating underwater life with our jigsaw puzzle pack "Corals". Find it in Water category.

Flabellina trophina Nudibranch by Jim Patterson via flickr

Flabellina trophina Nudibranch - Baranof Island, Alaska (by Jim Patterson) Bizarre sea creatures called nudibranchs (suggested by amaithespian).

Sea Jewels ~ Dreamy Nature More

Santa Barbara Janolus nudibranch on the reef at Anacapa Island, California, off the coast of Ventura (by divindk)

Two Tiny Treasures

✯ Two Tiny Treasures - lovely pontohi pygmee seahorses. :: Photo by Vanessa Costa ✯

Xenia this is what we have in our tank

red sea white pulsing xenia on rock rubble marine aquarium coral frag at Aquarist Classifieds

leafy seadragon... super tiny and they live in bushes that look just like them... cool creation!!

The leafy sea dragon or Glauerts Seadragon, Phycodurus eques, is a marine fish in the family Syngnathidae, which also includes the seahorses. It is the only member of the genus Phycodurus. It is found along the southern and western coasts of Australia.