Fort: Illustration by Erin McGuire #illustration #girl #cat #erin_mcguire

Dream Fort by Erin McGuire I remember reading to my cat as a child. Now, as an adult with all my children mostly grown… I am left once again, reading to my cat.

Splat the Cat: Illustration by Rob Scotton #illustration #cat #rob_scotton

Splat the Cat: Illustration by Rob Scotton art bed black scaredy cat


Batman signal light art Bring coffee ☕Coffee♥Craft☕ Ed Pires coffee art graphic

The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by Kay Neilsen

“‘Don’t drink!’ cried out the little Princess, springing to her feet.” from the Twelve Dancing Princesses Kay Nielsen, 1913 Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur. In Powder and Crinoline: Old Fairy Tales.

Fiep Westendorp

Poster for the exhibition about illustrator Fiep Westendorp (“De Katten van Fiep" - Fiep’s Felines) at the Cat Cabinet in Amsterdam

edward gorey book covers

edward gorey book covers Book cover design by Alvin Lustig book cover by Paul Bacon Book covers vintage book cover


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