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Mixed Girl Problems | My skin is lighter than my original tan skin in the winter then in the summer, my skin is darker. I hate summer sun.

Irish girls start snow white, then go to sickly but still alive white, then go to "Hey, look, I actually have a skin tone!

right?! My doctors only know that I'm part black and they aren't sure the other part even though ive told them I'm also part white!!

Because we have problems too! Nothing posted here is meant to be offensive, this is simply a place where mixed people can come and share their problems.

Haha yeah its like I can fit in with EVERY race. Its SUPER easy. Suuuurrrreee

In the Joy Luck Club, all the daughters of the mothers were American and Chinese. Their mothers would always want their daughters to be a Chinese women instead of being half American and half Chinese.

Mixed Girl Problems | Yeah, but you will realize our eyes and heights. Some of us look alike and some are not.

Lol, I remember people used to think my brother was my boyfriend when we were walking together on the streets. They thought we were an interracial couple hahahahahaha

I'm not sure if white and Hispanic is considered mixed, but I can relate for sure!

I'm not sure if Native American (Choctaw, Cherokee, and Blackfoot), German (I was born in Bavaria) andHispanic (Mexican and Spanish) is considered mixed, but I can relate for sure!