Human embryo

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Surface of the Human Tongue

A high energy beam scanner, called a scanning electron micrograph, was used to capture this image, which shows the surface of a human tongue. The protruding objects, called filiform papillae, can sense pressure. The flaky appearance of the papillae results from the fact that they are constantly shedding their skin to increase sensitivity. Source: Science Photo/Photo Researchers

scienceyoucanlove: “Fertile women release one or more eggs every month, but until now, only fuzzy images had been recorded. The new images were taken by accident by gynaecologist Jacques Donnez while carrying out a partial hysterectomy on a. Fertile Woman, Medical Science, Midwifery, Anatomy And Physiology, Nurse Life, Human Anatomy, Our Body, Science And Nature, Human Body

Pictured: The moment a human egg emerged from its ovary

Rare and startling film has been captured of a human egg emerging from the ovary. Fertile women release one or more eggs every month, but until now, only fuzzy images had been recorded.

A 6 week old human embryo - i think this is a charmander Medical Student, Medical Science, Science Biology, Life Science, Science And Nature, Human Embryo, Midwifery, Anatomy And Physiology, Human Anatomy

Frontal view of a 6 week old embryo - Stock Image - P680/0480

Human embryo. Coloured frontal view of a 6 week (44 day) old human embryo.

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Weeks 13-16 The brain is fully developed and the fetus can suck, swallow, and make irregular breathing sounds. Fetus can feel pain (New England Journal of Medicine). Fetal skin is almost transparent. Muscles tissue is lengthening and bones are becoming harder. Liver and organs produce appropriate fluids. Eyebrows and eyelashes appear and the fetus makes active movements including kicks and even somersaults.