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Don't u dare call her just background character!

🐺♠️Wølf Blanc♠️🐺

Vinyl Scratch Button by on @DeviantArt

Vinyl Scratch Button by Tsitra360 on DeviantArt

Or DJ Pon-3 . I had fun making this one. New button for the upcoming cons. Focusing on a few of the background characters. The whole set! Vinyl Scratch Button

Equestria Daily - MLP Stuff!: Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #2388

Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #2388

Any time you cross Dash with a sword, its going to be cool. We have a bunch of art today a little early. Go get it all below! [1] Source Bearer of Solstice by lachlan765 [2] Source Sonic Dive Strike by Ikarooz [3] Source VinylScratch by Akweer [4] Source Rarity by Skitsniga [5] Source Rarity Punk by RacoonKun [6] Source Punk Rarity by Penny-Wren [7] Source Captain Celaeno by HPBudgecraft [8] Source Sunset Breeze by Bratzoid [9] Source Novaverse: Changeling/Dragon Family by CandyKore [10]…

For Glorious Equestria

For Glorious Equestria

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VINYL!!! "Oh it ain't nothing special, it's just MY BASE CANON!!!"
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VINYL!!! "Oh it ain't nothing special, it's just MY BASE CANON!!!"

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Give Me All You've Got by on @DeviantArt

Give Me All You've Got by FluffyXai on DeviantArt

Edit: Shrank the display version to 900px to use as a featured deviation so just hit that ol' Download button to the right! I’ve never drawn Vinyl... Give Me All You've Got

Vinyl Scratch by on @DeviantArt

Vinyl Scratch by WarpOut on DeviantArt

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Overdrive by on @DeviantArt


hello guys! I'm back after the almost dead of my computer and with another Dj-pon3 wallpaper. Enjoy! follow me on tumblr for previews of my wallpapers [... Overdrive

Ponystep by on @DeviantArt

Ponystep by YaruSs on DeviantArt

I love dubstep :3 Ponystep

Humming The Lights by on @DeviantArt

Humming The Lights

Hello there! Its been a long time since my last Dj-pon3 wallpaper so I made this. I need that you guys give some feedback on this one because I'm not en... Humming The Lights

Vinyl Scratch by on @DeviantArt

Vinyl Scratch by DividedDemensions on DeviantArt

Time to wub it up. This is a Vinyl Scratch wallpaper. I have a real hard time spelling her name which is always hard when I have to do something that in... Vinyl Scratch