Me in outlast - fanart by on @DeviantArt

Internship in outlast - fanart

Link on Pokemon Battle by on @DeviantArt

The next fan art of pokemon and legend of zelda with link and rapidash. I thought i was going for Celebi, but meh. I think Rapidash w. Link on Pokemon Battle

Chibi Avatar by on @DeviantArt

I made my very own chibi avatar ^-^ Chibi Avatar

Daniel with his Arcanine and Jolteon by on @DeviantArt

My first ever to draw a kid as a trainer. Im still waiting for him to see the drawing and hope that he likes this since he loves Pokemon. Daniel with his Arcanine and Jolteon

Game and Shiny Ninetales by on @DeviantArt

Having an art trade with GAmesterAxela here.^^ And make sure you check her out, she's got lots of cool, funny and adorable Pokemo. Game and Shiny Ninetales

Mega Charizard Girl by on @DeviantArt

I've been itching to make another charizard girl as mega evolution.

Mama mia, It's so pink! by on @DeviantArt

I made this for someone who likes Mario and flamingos xD Mama mia, It's so pink!

#meettheartist by on @DeviantArt

#meettheartist by on @DeviantArt

Perfect match! - Rowlet by on @DeviantArt

Well you probably figured that my pokemon starter is rowlet. Ive also noticed that my hair color matches the leaf bow tie.

Samurai Youtuber by on @DeviantArt

Samurai Youtuber by on @DeviantArt

Ellychan Cosplay by on @DeviantArt

Im back with brand new art work featering my friend Elisabeth with her cosplay as Hilda with Eevee^^ EllyChanCosplay EllyChanCosplay and her Eevee

Cartoon styles of myself by on @DeviantArt

I've always wondered how i would look if I turned into one of the character styles im into? With different body proportion and some color changes. Cartoon styles of myself

Under Wars: A New Determination by on @DeviantArt

I hope you enjoy the journey of Frisk Skywalker, San Solo, Princess Torileia and the rest! Under Wars: A New Determination

My Oh Maija! by on @DeviantArt

I've decided to do something a little different since I've seen the artwork by the user kelogsloops And I want to incorporate the art style with another. My Oh Maija!