Summer Recipes

Enjoy summer and cook well, with these perfect summer recipes. Enjoy out in the sun or overlooking the garden. You can view more recipes using Castle Maclellan pate at .
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Try our Mini Chicken Pie. When complemented with Chutney or Caramelised Onion, it creates a flavourful, classic dish perfect for any occasion.

Our meaty, filling Mini Chicken Pie uses our luxury Chicken Liver Pate. When complemented with Chutney or Caramelised Onion, it creates a perfect classic dish for any occasion.

Liven up any picnic with our indulgent Duck and Ham Pie. Savour the taste of our heavenly Duck pate and perfectly cooked pastry. This dish can be served hot or cold, and on any occasion.

This beautifully baked Ham and Duck Pie, with a tasty, meaty centre can make any dinner party indulgent. Our outstanding Duck Pate makes this recipe memorable and loved by all.

Try Mushrooms with an elegant twist. Our BBQ Mushrooms, topped with our speciality Oven Roasted Mushroom Pate or any of our other luxury varieties, make this recipe adventurous and unique.

Try our BBQ style Field Stuffed Mushrooms with Mushroom pate. An exquisite take on a classic food, transforming its taste and elegance .

Try our mouth wateringly, tasty Spiced Monkfish en Croute, made using our Maclellan Salmon Pate. Perfect as a summer dish or an elegant dish with friends and family.

Our Castle MacLellan Smoked Scottish Salmon Pâté really adds flavour to this delicious crispy dish.

Our succulent Salmon Fish Cakes make a sophisticated main course for a meal with friends or a perfect summer dish

Garnish with a little lemon for that finishing touch. Why not try this beautiful recipe with our delicious Crab Pâté too?

Try our exquisite Chicken Meatballs with chipotle sauce and rocket, made using our Chicken Liver and Heather Honey Pate. A perfect addition to a summer picnic.

These succulent Chicken meatballs, with our elegant Chicken Liver Pate with Scottish Heather Honey, will create any picnic with a hint of luxury.

A homely Fish pie, made using our Salmon Pate. Serve as a family classic or hearty filling meal. Team with Roasted Veg for a healthy meal inside or out in the sun.

Try this delicious easy fish pie plus other quick and simple meal ideas and sweet treats from Red Online.

Our exotic summer Crab and Lime Linguini, made with our Luxury Orkney Crab Terrine Pate.

Fish has never tasted so good! Our fresh, Orkney Crab and Chilli Lime Linguni is a sophisticated dish, creating a restaurant quality meal in your own home.

Stuffed Burgers, with our Mushroom Pate. Give your BBQ an added twist. Perfect when paired with salad.

Enjoy our Castle MacLellan Mushroom Pâté ooze from these stuffed burgers. A scrumptious recipe. Best served with black pudding in a fresh ciabatta with salad.

Crab Risotto, containing our delicious Crab Pate. An Appetizing meal with cheese is perfect when enjoying the summer season.

Our fresh, Italian style Crab Risotto can produce a flavoursome, tantilizing dish, guaranteed to "wow" your guests. This is all made special with our extra-ordinary Crab Pate.