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Omo Why am I laughing So Much?

BTS V blocking the poor guy's cheese puffs<<ive pinned this before but this is the funniest bts post ever

*COUGH KISS HIM NOT ME COUGH* like are u kidding I had no thought that Serinuma would be purple haired like what

This has happened to me in Tokyo ghoul I don't remember which character tho but when I saw the persons hair I was like wow I had a different thing in my mind

I'm always laughing so hard when I look at this picture

my love for sobi doing strange things with completely normal expressions is never ending

Tumblr funny

i have tried to be a quiet freshman this year and so far it hasn't really worked bc i push all the older kids out of my way when going through the hallway

"Dean Winchester's behind you."

"Dean Winchester's behind you." Just a reminder to monsters, Dean Winchester is what you warn your children about, the hunter under the bed.


Did anyone else say it correctly while reading it? Comment if you did