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Costumes from den Norske Opera og Ballett

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Sommer 2016

Costume: Cleopatra from Diaghilev Ballet Russes in 1985 Jeanette Hansson / Vibeke Gurholt. Str. 36 Silk, miscellaneous jewelry and ornament.

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Costume: Orlovsky from Die Fledermaus, 2012 Hege high seat / Sabine Gross. Str. 36 (height 1.70) Silkedamask with silver beading, cape of ostrich feathers, stockings and silk shoes (str. 40)

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Costume: Sylfide from Tannhäuser, 2009 Elena Manikova. Str 34/36 Silk Chiffon, tulle, silk, Swaronsky crystals. Headwear (flowers garland) and wings.

Costume: Egg from Die Fledermaus, 2012 Erzsebet. Str. 40 (height 1.70) Embroidered silk with sequins "egg" of skummelteriale with stand inside.

Costume: Ida from Die Fledermaus, 2012 Frida Janson / Maren Myrvoll. Str. 36/38. Silk with printed patterns. Quilted, with built-game stand. Sold with two lives, which can be adjusted.

Costume: Female choir / cowprint fur from Die Fledermaus Sigrid Ohlsson. Str. 38 Plastic, cowhide, imitation leather / imitation leather and belt.

Costume: Green Blue Red Paint Woman from Die Fledermaus 2012 Debra Knudsen and Tone Kristin Aasen. Str 40-42 Inspired by Alexander McQueen. Silk. petticoats of tulle.

Costume: Green paint one of Fledermaus Florin Demit and Rolf Sostman. Str 54-56 Inspired by Alexander McQueen

Costume: Elisabeth of Tannhäuser, 2009 Itziar Galdos / Elisabeth Strid. Str. 40/42. Raw silk, for the burnt velvet, decorative ribbons with metallic threads, cloak of silk and ornament.

Costume: Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute Ingjerd Oda mantor / Anne Marie Andersen / Birgitte Christensen (including) Str. 40-42 Silkeduchesse, petticoats, feather collar, rings and necklaces decorations (choker) The costume is originally from 1983