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19 Things We Should Say to Our Children...absolutely LOVE this! sadly, number 6 is something most parents NEVER this
For English students
Cool way to teach constellations! This looks like such a great way for students to  visualize them....or scouts!
10 Things Children Will Always Remember by
Preschool & Early Reading apps.
Summarization Strategy called "the incredible shrinking notes".  Students start out writing a summary of a reading selection on the large index card.  Students are then given the medium sized card and have to take the information from the large card and condense it onto the medium sized card.  Finally, students are given the small card and must take the information from the medium sized card and condense it further onto the small card.  Great way for students to get to the main point/idea!
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Sunday School Crafts
Declutter Your Life: Conversation Pieces
Top 10 Pinterest Classroom Ideas must read!!