This site could be very dangerous! It has a million DIY projects! Pin now read later....and don't blame me if become addicted to this one!

Learn how to make shot glasses - out of ice. I don't drink but I like LOOKING at shot glasses. Plus it's fun to drink juice out em and pretend to be drunk with friends.

Create your own unique outdoor ice candle lights. #DIY #PANDORAloves

It's Friday (woohoo!) and a big day in our household as we'll be heading off shortly to watch my youngest daughter in her 'Luciatåg' (St Lucy day or 'festival of light' celebrations) at nursery - so l

this 5 minute hack will make your porch look amazing, christmas decorations, crafts, how to, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

"No Porch... No Problem" ~ Create the "Porch Feeling" with a patio in the front yard, perfect for meeting and greeting!


Ice lanterns made in balloons. DIY explanation in video, (in Norwegian, but its pretty self-explanatory). From Moseplassen.

Vakker islykt med gren og kongler Se for islyktformer - gratis frakt!

IceLamp : a bucket, a smaller bucket, water, berries n twigs, outside in minus 10 degrees for 2 days

Med NICE iskjøler og medfølgende dryppbeholder kan du ha kjøleren innendørs. Stor utgave, kan også brukes som islykt til kubbelys. Kjøp her, gratis frakt:

Ice cooler mold for wine and champagne. The ice jacket made of ice great for weddings, parties, hotels or just chilling out at home