Hand-Knit Sweater Knud - Curry - 2-10y

Hand-Knit Sweater Knud - Curry - 1-10y

This sweater must be the perfect children’s sweater for autumn and winter. In the autumn in can be used instead of a jacket and in the winter under a jacket, wh

Textiles Techniques, Fair Isle Knitting, Birkin, Fair Isles, Color Combinations, Ravelry, Pullover, Knitting, Color Combos

Traditional mitten in modern style. Bulky yarn and felted.

Februarvotter / Februar / February pattern by MaBe

A simple sailor sweater, with the buttons on the shoulder as the detail that breaks the simplicity. Made for my daughters best friend Svend.

"Svends Sweater"

Details about Svends Sweater - Sweater with shoulder buttons - Sizes to - Knitting pattern in english (cm) A simple sailor sweater, with

Barnejakka Villsauene på Runde by The Needle Lady 8746739743_14d35b4f2b_small2

Barnejakka Villsauene på Runde pattern by Pinneguri

Lov the sheep! Ravelry: Children's Cardigan Where the Wild Sheep Roam pattern by The Needle Lady

Ravelry: White whiskers (Cats white whiskers) pattern by Christine de Savoie