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Make yourself the most stylish cat owner you know!

BlackHole Litter mat that will keep litter from spreading around your home & Other Cat Products that Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

NEVER Plant These Veggies Together - Bless My Weeds

NEVER Plant These Veggies Together - Bless My Weeds

Plants poisonous to cats

spiral-path: Witches, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LIST!As witches, we have plants everywhere… dried herbs, or growing houseplants. As children of nature we adore plants and house plants. However, be especially careful what you’re exposing your beloved familiar

How I keep my indoor cat entertained, stimulated and happy!

My mom was in town Veteran’s Day weekend and helped me spruce up the apartment and make Malloy a corner. I had been planning on creating a dedicated space for him but was searching for the perfect cat tree and wasn’t willing to settle!