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B2uty Stawol
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Kpop fans can relate- HAHAHAHA, This is what Kpop does to your mind and life. xD once you become a kpopper, EVERYTHING reminds you of it!

I can relate to most of this... ^-^

I can relate to almost all of this. ^_^ I need Kpop fans anonymous. (Even that anonymous relates to Kpop.


MBLAQ- the group of boys who knows and is close with a former kingka at the school- these boys have the bad boy, manly feel to them. <<<< Brown Eyed Girls would be the teachers that everyone lowkey had a crush on at one point

what kpop did to me :)) <3

Omo~ keke well i started singing english parts or korean parts of the song because of my situation~. SO i have this guide now kekeke

I love kpop though so it's all good

Too true man. But I don't regret my error (lol VIXX is playing in mth was right now.) I'm already ruined.

The last line XD

This is sweet, but the last comment made me laugh a little too hard, and now my drivers ed partner is looking at me like i just birthed a panda. ^ This caption also makes me laugh so hard XD