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XD and the way Armin and Mikasa are just watching

XD <<< I just let out this awkward burst of laughter in class and everyone looked at me. I guess the only thing left is to run like Eren *embarrassed blush* *runs away awkwardly*<<> this is why I look at SNK stuff




"In the human world, truth and reality aren't always one and the same. Humans just call their desires and ambitions "truth". Humans will never kill other humans if they have "truth" as an excuse"

-- “Henry arrived at Calais on October 6 [1492], then joined his allies in besieging Boulogne. Elizabeth, left behind at Eltham in charge of their younger children, felt her husband’s a...

i can just imagine this happening as eizzil is thinking about the past, questioning her choice, wondering if she was betraying enna by doing this, wondering if her heart was right. she can keep from sniffling, and then jamal comes and comforts her.

Best uncle ever

WHAT EVEN IS HE STANDING ON? Ruby's makes sense, but there's like no notches in his sword that could possibly hold his weight. Guess that just shows you how badass he is