lol i just started watching this anime and it's fucking hilarious XD

lol i just started watching this anime and it's fucking hilarious XD>>>lol Ikr and it's so damn gay

Söpö, kaunis & kuuma! Tosin eivät kuvassa samassa järjestyksessä kuin luettelin...

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Yuri on Ice (Yuri Katsuki, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky)

me (Aleyna/@yukiinebaby) - Yuri on Ice -

Yuri on Ice: YASS this is what my life needed. so much gayness. though some characters are a bit too much *AHEMCHRISAHEM*, but anime is gut! Ending is sh*t. whyyyy~~~ -------Well i FIND This Johnny Depp worthy :D

Crunchyroll - "Yuri on Ice" Skates to Win in October of 2016

Crunchyroll will stream Yuri! On Ice as part of their Fall 2016 simulcast lineup. As of press time, details on the stream are still up in the air.

Yuri!!! on Ice (ユーリ!!! on ICE)Victor takes a shot for his Instagram, catching Yuri by surprise and Yurio making a face, in this poster art for Spoon.2Di vol. 19 (Amazon Japan). This one was illustrated by key animator Sayo Aoi (青井小夜).

on Ice (ユーリ! on ICE)Victor coaches Yuri with his game face on in this subdued pin-up for Yuri! on Ice in Newtype Magazine, illustrated by key animator Saya Aoi.

yuri!!! on ice | yoi | viktor nikiforov

Fan art of Victor Nikiforov from the sports anime "Yuri! on Ice (ユーリ! on ICE)"

Revelado vídeo de demostración, reparto y equipo del Anime Yuri!!! on Ice.

The Yuri! On Ice anime series added TV Asahi announcer Taihei Katō to the show's voice cast! In addition, an English website for the show opened its doors