Throne // Bring Me The Horizon

I love this song, it makes me upset when people give them hate because they are changing from the whole death metal genre, but you have to think about how he feels. I mean c'mon it must be irritating yelling all the time

bring me the horizon xD

sorry this has nothing to do with hair or make up but bring me the horizon xD omfg

BMTH || I LOVE it! I actually laughed out loud. <<The thing is, they actually got their name from this movie.

Bring Me The Horizon and Johnny Depp!Bring Me The Horizon actually based their band name off of this remark from Pirates of the Caribbean

Oliver from Bring Me The Horizon is awfully pretty.

hey i'm Oli Skyes I live here with my best friend Hana. We help own a tattoo shop but to help i'm a machinic. I hate that people stare but we didnt do anything we've bee hanging out with Grant and Nori,