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Succulent zen garden

Karesansui is the Japanese name of zen garden, meaning dry mountain and water garden. Miniature zen gardens are used as home decor in living room or desktop.

DIY-tabletop-zen-garden-ideas-sand-rocks-wooden-bridge-rake.jpg (600×451)

An actual Zen Garden is usually outdoors and takes much space. this Large Desk Top Zen Garden takes little room and was handcrafted to - Modern Gardening

Drill a hole in a large pebble or rock using a diamond core drill ( and fill with soil and succulents or air plants - such a lovely idea!

Carved out stones for mini planters. Pretty stone, meet Dremel and a diamond core drill Then add succulent.

Desktop Zen Garden, Nature Package: 12" Circular Wooden Tray, 16oz Sand & 3 Cement Spheres

Create your own modern zen garden with this trio of nature-themed spheres! It's small enough to fit on the tabletop or office desktop, but big enough to fit cement spheres. Tray with Bubbles,

Kokedama ~ Japanese in origin, a kokedama is a tabletop Moss Ball that contains a plant or bonsai. This one is a Rabbit's Foot fern and rests on a curved stone plinth. bringing a quiet, gentle pocket of nature to a desktop.