Italian summer

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an outside fruit and vegetable stand on the side of a building with baskets full of fruits and vegetables
off to a kinder tide
summer 2022. Northern Italy. summer trip. cafe aesthetic.
an open window with some chairs and tables in front of it, looking out onto the street
a woman standing in front of a table filled with different colored shirts and umbrellas
St Remy Market, Provence - The Londoner
an alleyway with stairs and balconies leading up to the second floor
vintage bookstore aesthetic venice italy Northern Italy, Europe Summer, European Summer, Summer Dream
bookstore in venice
a truck parked in front of a building with fruit on the back and people standing outside
an alleyway with tables, chairs and books on the ground in front of it
there is a book shelf with books on it and a painting in the wall behind it
a stone wall with a fish shaped plaque on it's side and a key in the middle
a chair and table sitting on the side of a building