Bears...not Bruins! lol

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a large brown bear laying on top of a grass covered field next to tall green plants
‘Famous’ grizzly bear feared shot by hunters in B.C.’s Chilcotin region |
close reading freebie polar bears by sunny an english in first grade book cover image
Polar Bear Underwater Close Up. - Polar Bear Facts and Information
a baby monkey is being held in someone's hand
The magic of the Internet
a large black bear standing next to a tree
Gallery 4 | Bear Witness Images
a mother bear holding her cub while sitting on the grass in front of it's face
Moooooom, you're messing up my mane!
a large brown bear standing up against a dark background
a large brown bear standing next to a baby bear
a large brown bear standing on its hind legs in the water
Brian has pulled ahead....yes he may have it...the fans are on their feet..
a brown bear is jumping into the water with it's front paws in the air
Belly flop
a large brown bear sitting on top of a rock