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someone is making a sculpture out of clay
floriangadsby on Instagram: Slicing through a block of reclaimed clay to then be cut wedged and finally thrown into a simple side plate. For most flatware I prefer to…
an orange painted wall with no one on it
Emporium of Tings. Web Magazine. - https://drwong.live
El Sol Restaurante & Tequileria
the ground is cracked and brown with little patches of dirt on it's surface
How to Remove Georgia Red Clay Stains
how to remove Georgia red clay stains from clothes, (Murphy's Oil Soap)!
an image of a computer network with many wires attached to the same device and two different connections
Købmagergade, Copenhagen – Karres en Brands – Case Study 3
a red line is going through the center of a brick wall that looks like an abstract pattern
gradient openings in brick wall
gradient openings in brick wall
Parametric Brick Wall - Parametric Facade Ideas