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Beautiful and creative 40th birthday cake ideas.

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40th Birthday Celebration Cake by The Clever Little Cupcake Company (Amanda), via Flickr

40th Birthday Celebration Cake

12" square chocolate cake. The mannequin (or dressmakers dummy) is modelling the party girls dress. www.facebook.com/Cleverlittlecupcake

I know this says 40th bday, but it would be perfect for a girl of any age!

Birthday Cake for Teenagers in Unique Design

Choosing the best birthday cake for teenagers is not an easy thing. There are several things which should be taken into consideration. The first one is the design, second is the taste, and last but…

Mens 40th Birthday Cake 'Over The Hill'

Mens 40Th Birthday Cake 'over The Hill'

Mens 40Th Birthday Cake 'over The Hill' Mens 40th Birthday Cake 'Over The Hill'

40th Birthday Ideas for Women – 6 Ways to Celebrate a Milestone => “Begin a circle of women. Meet regularly. Don’t have an agenda. Get together simply to Be together. Eat, drink, be merry. Dance if you feel like it. Lie about on cushions. Tell stories. Share secrets. Teach each other how to garden, how to build fires. But definitely do not ‘plan’ what you are going to discuss or do. Whatever work needs to be done will be done without your trying to make it happen.” ~ Alice Walker.

Turning 40? 6 or 7 Ways to Celebrate Your 40th Birthday

These tips for turning 40 include meaningful ways to celebrate your 40th birthday and beyond. I celebrated my fortieth birthday a few years ago, but am reluctant to share my real age...