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Download the frog pop-up printable

Easy Pop-Up Frog - Art For Kids Hub -

Easy step by step for kids on how to make your own pop-up frog! Also, download the free pop-up frog printable!

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Easy Pop-Up Frog - Art For Kids Hub -

Easy step by step for kids on how to make your own pop-up frog! Also, download the free pop-up frog printable!

Dragonfly Craft - Dragonfly Plastic Spoon Craft

Bugs and Insect Crafts

Bug or insect crafts made with paper, plaster or Paris, craft spoon, wooden shapes and much more.

monet garden with frogs

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handprint footprint frog - Yahoo! Search Results

handprint footprint frog

cute frogs

Frogs in Trees?

Last week's reading story was "Frog and Toad All Year," by Arnold Lobel. There is a nonfiction selection directly following the story, called "Frogs in Trees?" After reading the story, the students imagine they have discovered a frog that no one has ever seen before. They cut frogs from cardstock and use brightly colored markers to design their frogs. We then use the "Step Up to Writing" system to write about their frogs. I give them a topic sentence suggestion, such as "I discovered a new…

Art with Mrs. Seitz: 2nd Grade frogs with model magic flowers

Art with Mrs. Seitz

It has been a great start to the year! Our opening project that all of out students collaborated on is "The Line that Connects Us All." We are all unique but when we come together, at school, our lives touch and we are all connected. Each student was asked to create an artwork that represents themselves. In order to make it collaborative, the students were asked to draw a line between 2 dots on their papers (3 inches up from the bottom). When placed directly side by side each student's art…

F is for Frog- frog craft

Frog Birthday Party Ideas

Frog birthday party ideas...someone in your house must really love amphibians...frog party invitations, frog party favors, games, pinatas and party supplies most in the color green..ribbit. Frog jokes

CD Craft critters- This is adorable! #recycled #frog #craft

AWESOME CD Animals your kids will love making! - Mother Natured

Make these adorable CD animals out of your old CDs. Watch them as they twirl in the sunlight - perfect for your child's room or garden.


#She Likes Fashion - All Post


I really wanted to make some little froggies, so I decided to gear our cinquain poetry that way.  We read several books about frogs, did a few cinquains together, and then they got to work!  We used Cara's cinquain ideas to get us going :)

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons

Happy Hump Day, friends! Today is the last warm day here in North Texas, so we are soaking up every moment. It is supposed to drop 40 degrees overnight, and I'm just not ready for that!!! However, there is potential ice in our future, so the chances of me being homebound for a few days is very possible! Imagine the possibilities ;) My kiddos have been hard at work writing letters. We've used lots of activities from a Teacher's Clubhouse. This unit really encompasses all you need for teaching…

frog life cycle craft

Frog Life Cycle Craft Chicken Life Cycle Craft Butterfly Life Cycle Craft Oh My!

Spring Activities Craft -- This spring craft is a unique way to display and teach your students about the chicken life cycle, butterfly life cycle, and frog life cycle and their habitats including the countryside, the farm, and the pond. Tie in the wind for the wind sock and you have a great science activity for spring. Students will create three life cycle wind socks (just add streamers) or a life cycle lantern during your next life cycle science lesson or habitat science lesson. There are…

Hand print frogs

Adorable - Pond Creature Crafts!

Summer is a fantastic time to get out and explore the pond life in your backyard or at your local park. To compliment your lessons, we found some adorable pond creature crafts you don't want to...

frog hat

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