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a stack of files with the title how to manage the workload and efficient guiding techniques
The Secret to Managing Teacher Workload: 9 Grading Techniques
Are you a teacher struggling with managing your teacher workload and looking for grading techniques to help? Explore 9 efficient grading techniques and marking strategies that can help you manage your workload, reduce stress, and get your life back. Click now to conquer your grading pile once and for all!
a woman writing on a notebook with the title 10 essential test preps to maximum student performance
Revamp Your Students' Study Habits - 10 Essential Test Prep Strategies
Who said test prep has to be boring? Use these engaging test prep strategies to prepare students for exams. Discover study tips for middle school students designed to maximize performance, from creating a study schedule to embracing flashcards. These middle school study tips will enhance study sessions and teach students organization. Middle school assessment will be a breeze with these tips!
valentine's day lesson plans for middle school ela
February Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA
Use these February lesson plans for middle school ELA classes to help reduce your planning workload. This includes a focus on critical thinking skills and persuasive and argument writing. These lesson plans include reading, writing, speaking, and media literacy lesson plans for middle school to use in February, as well as some holiday-focused lessons.
a person writing on a piece of paper with the words 10 strateges to keep middle school students focused and engaged
10 Engagement Strategies to Keep Students Focused
Learn how to use these middle school engagement strategies to keep students engaged and focused on their learning. From digital escape rooms to gamified language learning, we explore how these learning strategies can revolutionize your approach to teaching and have a lasting impact on student engagement.
an empty classroom with desks and a clock on the wall above it that says, adapting your teaching philosophy from theory to practice
Your Teaching Philosophy: From Theory to Practice
Ever wondered why your teaching philosophy does not always align with the reality in the classroom? Discover these practical strategies on how to bring your teaching philosophy to life in your middle school classroom.
a laptop with the words celebrate with these spooky and fun halloween digital activities
Celebrate with These Spooky and Fun Halloween Digital Activities
Why not try diving into the various digital activities you can use to celebrate Halloween? Some digital activities you can use in your classroom include a Halloween Digital Escape Room, diving into a media literacy and consumer awareness issue of how Halloween stores make money during this time of year and exploring various podcasts through listening or creating. This blog post goes through these activities in detail and how you can bring them to life in your classroom.
the november lesson plan for middle school students to learn how to write and use it
November Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA
Find engaging November Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA for reading, writing, speaking/listening and media literacy in this blog post. in this blog post. Read this blog post to see what I teach during the month of November for middle school ELA. There are plenty of ideas and practical suggestions for bringing cross-curricular instruction and learning to your ELA classroom.
children sitting at desks with the text incorporating social - emotion techniques into your middle school lessons
Middle School Social Emotional Learning Activities
Social emotional learning activities can be an integral part of your middle school lessons and the key to a thriving classroom community. Uncover how digital escape rooms, flexible seating and rewards can enhance your classroom community and also foster social emotional learning.
an advertisement for use games and other ways to make science class engaging learn more here
Making Middle School Science Engaging
Are you looking for new and exciting ways to engage with your middle school science students? Read this comprehensive list of 10 strategies that will bring excitement into your 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade science lessons. From hands-on science experiments to interactive activities, you'll find everything you need to create a lively, captivating science environment for your grade 6 science, grade 7 science, grade 8 science classes.
the benefits of audiobooks for middle school students with headphones and notebook on blue background
Use Audiobooks With Your Students
Discover how incorporating audiobooks into your middle school language arts curriculum can assist with comprehension and contribute to overall academic success. Audiobooks are great for all ages especially middle school students and teens. They can used as reading comprehension activities or fun reading activities for middle school. Students could use them for independent reading activities in middle school as well. Learn how to use audiobooks in your middle school ELA classroom.
Explore how technologies such as virtual reality, QR codes, and Google tools are redefining geography education, turning it into an interactive, immersive and highly engaging experience for students. Make your middle school geography classroom engaging and fun. Middle School Science, Virtual Reality, Science Lessons Middle School, Middle School Activities
14 Ways To Make Geography Class Fun
Explore how technologies such as virtual reality, QR codes, and Google tools are redefining geography education, turning it into an interactive, immersive and highly engaging experience for students. Make your middle school geography classroom engaging and fun.