Grade 7/8 Ontario Science

Find great ideas for teaching the Ontario 7/8 Science curriculum. Find unit ideas for Heat in the Environment, Pure Substances and Mixtures, Structures and…
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the graph shows how to create a scatter plot in google sheets, with text overlay
Learn How to Create a Scatter Plot in Google Sheets
Do you need your students to learn how to create a Scatter Plot in Google Sheets? Use these step-by-step directions for your middle school math classroom or your middle school geography classroom. This is a great middle school math activity for your students.
the long range plans for students to use
Ontario Long Range Plans
Use these free Ontario long range plans to help you plan your school year. Language long range plans as well as Math, Science, History, Geography, Social Studies long range plans are also included. You can use this long range plans template to create your own teacher long range plans. You can use these long range plans for your middle school ela lessons as as well as your middle school language arts program.
an open book with the title 10 simple ways to make science class engaging
Making Middle School Science Engaging
Are you looking for new and exciting ways to engage with your middle school science students? Read this comprehensive list of 10 strategies that will bring excitement into your 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade science lessons. From hands-on science experiments to interactive activities, you'll find everything you need to create a lively, captivating science environment for your grade 6 science, grade 7 science, grade 8 science classes.
Image of an agenda with glasses on top Middle School History Activities, Social Studies Activities Middle School, Middle School Reading Activities, Middle School Geography, Geography Lesson Plans, Middle School Ela Activities, Middle School Science Activities
Middle School Social Studies Units
This blog post outlines the various Grade 6, 7 and 8 Science, Social Studies, History and Geography units aligned to the Ontario Curriculum available from 2 Peas and a Dog.
science worksheet for grade 8 students with text and pictures on the front page
kids in lab coats doing science experiments with text overlay reading 10 ways to make science class engaging and fun
10 Ways To Make Science Class Engaging and Fun
Making science class engaging does not have to be a challenge, learn 10 different ways to have fun in science class.
three girls in lab coats and safety goggles looking at something
Grade 8 Science Ontario Lesson Plans
Use these Grade 8 Science Ontario lesson plans to help keep your students engaged while they learn in class or online.
an image of a book cover with science lessons on the front and back covers in green
Grade 7/8 Science Units Ontario Curriculum
Learn about these high-quality Grade 7/8 Science Units that do not require a textbook and are more engaging than worksheets.