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Great Ideas -- 20 DIY Fall Home Ideas!

Great Ideas - 20 DIY fall home ideas. Great ideas for inside your home or outside on the porch.

Generalized Anxiety

"I'm diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder with Associated Agoraphobia. It's real, and it sucks, but medication has given me back my life. Get psychiatric help.

You can, in fact, perform a very simple foot massage to stimulate these spots on your feet and encourage relaxation in your body.

How Massaging These Six Powerful Spots on Your Feet Can Change Your Life-Did you know that your legs, feet and hands have thousands of nerve endings in them And each one can be used to stimulate your whole body



Here are 40 ways to help you control anxiety if you don't like taking medication!

40 surefire solutions to kill your anxiety at the roots level. Anxiety leads to stress and stress leads to depression. It's better you kill the anxiety factor at the roots level without medication.