ArtStation - 34134, NI Yipeng

Still sexualized by the battle bikini, but it's rare (and nice) to see a woman character made with such bulging muscles.

Fantasy Art

avatar-trisana: “ ria-rha: “ valar-morghulis: “ by Wang Song ” Ah, check out this totally boss armor. Breastplates and cool hoodies and archers galore. RE: people who were asking how to armor archers,.

(Open RP.) "I see you over there, lurking in the shadows. Who might this be trespassing on my land? A traveler? An enemy? A friend or a foe? Introduce yourself quickly."

[Cosplay] Lara Croft plus sauvage que jamais !

'A woman with a bow and arrow is powerful, strong, capable and independent. I want to emulate these qualities and learn to shoot archery.' I think its Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game

The queens protection

Digital Paintings by Wang Ling

warrior 2 by ~wlop # Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / Fantasy. Dark-haired girl in a hooded robe with a glowing arrow in her bow.