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People making commentary on other people's appearances drives me so crazy ... seriously, none of anyone else's damn business!

People making commentary on other people's appearances drives me so crazy ... seriously, none of anyone else's damn business!

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well blue and pink shouldn't be gendered but still love this <<<< YAAAAAAS (also, I agree with you on the gendering colours)<<true

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afirethatwillneverburn: racist-murdercult: only in Canada would you find ads about homosexual rape on a bus. Catch the fuck up America They dont have this in America? We don’t even have ads against heterosexual rape in America who are you kidding.

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Using it wrong

This should be posted in all churches. It's not easy being a Christian these days. So many people are guilty of twisting the Bible to hurt and oppress. Those individuals do NOT represent what I believe!

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We shouldn't hate others for what makes them different. We should accept people for what they are and what they do. We all have our differences, we are all unique and equally important.

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Worth pointing out that the 1950s represents the end point for such prosecution only in East Germany, and only in the sense that men were no longer charged (the law itself remained on the books). In West Germany (and the subsequent nation we know today) it took until 1994 for the decriminalisation to be completed, after reunification! RF Pink Triangle, Equality, Social Justice, Alan Turing, Jewish Men, East Germany, Saga, Fun Facts, History Class

Homosexual Jewish men remained incarcerated after the concentration camps were liberated and others were free

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Meanwhile in Indiana Friday Funny images AM, Friday November 2016 PST) – 80 pics